About WMS Environmental Club

Williamstown Middle School Environmental Club is a Monroe Township School Board approved year-round activity.  Students work together with community partners dedicated to teaching and learning the principles of a sustainable environment.  During the school year, students in the club volunteer part of their lunch periods to work on recycling, gardening, and other activities which include some traditional ‘class’ time for learning.  Major topics linked to National Science standards include watershed education, biodiversity, ecosystems, food webs, and sustainability related to human impact on the environment.

The club activities blend the arts, sciences, and humanities in all of their activities. Each month throughout the year brings a new and exciting project here at Williamstown Middle School.  Administrators, teachers, parents, support staff, local businesses, and other community volunteers maintain a pivotal role in the success of our program.


The vision of our future includes a more sustainable world, where we think green, act green, and teach green, inspiring others to live a similar life.  Our vision also includes the growth of similar school programs throughout the region.  In addition to classroom learning, WMS offers education based in environmental sustainability.  Students with a diverse range of learning styles and abilities achieve learning goals across the curriculum as they plan, design, create, measure, and care for plants and animals in gardens, ponds, and classroom habitats.  They also provide public service as they collaborate to recycle throughout the school campus.  A variety of hands-on activities engage students intellectually, emotionally, and socially.  Community of Caring Gardens and WMS Environmental Club activities for grades 5 through 8 are led by teachers, Environmental Stewards, and parent volunteers.

WMS Community of Caring

Community of Caring is the Character Education theme of Monroe Township Public Schools. Williamstown Middle School science teacher, Janet Mead responded by developing the Community of Caring Gardens projects to involve all aspects of the community and to grow environmental education in the school.  The Environmental Club has over 100 members in grades 5 through 8 learning about many aspects of sustainable living through water and energy conservation, sustainable agriculture practices, and recycling.